Swipe File – Why do you Need One?


swipe file collectionThe word “Swipe” has two meanings listed in dictionary

  1. A sweeping stroke or blow
  2. Make off with belongings of others

It is the second meaning that has given rise to what a swipe file means.

Wikipedia defines a swipe file as a collection of tested and proven ads and sales letters. It further says  that keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects.

But swipe file can embrace a higher meaning if we want to broaden its scope.

Swipe file is  file of great examples on the topic that interests you that you’ve collected, studied, and can access whenever you’re in need of a little inspiration.

Note that it does not mean that you can copy the examples. You can adapt but NOT copy. That would amount to stealing.

Swipe files can be  asset for your business needs. Swipe files can be equally used by novices and veterans.

A business is ever learning and ever executing profession. A swipe file would give you handy collection of what you have seen and like. It is easy to build upon something you already have.

How To Create A Swipe File?

First you need to define what you need to collect. Depending upon your area of interest and that may include all of the following, you might have a swipe file in field of

  • Copyrighting file where you keep your favorites sales letters
  • Headlines file where you keep all the headlines that you like and may get inspired from.
  • Web design file where you can keep the designing examples
  • Ads file which can be collection of your chosen ads that you might like to learn from.
  • Squeeze pages file
  • Landing pages file
  • Marketing articles file
  • Logo file
  • –Add your own topic

It is good to divide swipe files in different areas because it is easier to retrieve later and saves your time . It makes you more organized and focused

How Does a Swipe File Help You?

When you use a swipe file you are adding new dimensions to your creative thoughts and creation. For example if you are thinking over a headline for your copy, there are two options.

Either you sit in front of a blank screen and build a headline or you go through list of collected headlines to stimulate your thought. The results are faster in the second case. There’s no blank page. You already have something to work with.

I hope you get an idea.

Where Do You Get The Material For Your Swipe File?

The quickest and easiest source is the of course the internet. We all as a marketer are in habit of surfing the web. Next time you do it keep collecting the things you like in a file. As I said before you can make different files on different topics. It is easier to work with multiple files when you have a large collection.

If you like the headline, keep it and make a note. Similarly for other things.