How To Find Blogs In Your Niche

searching-squirrelGenerally speaking niche blogs focus on a certain subject.We need to find niche blogs in our niche to converse with them and to take advantage of such blog communications. The biggest gain of such communication is getting links that are natural. Other benefits are increasing your own blog’s exposure, building relationship and communities and brand expansion.

And the increase in traffic.

How To Find Them?

First you need to define your own niche. This task should be easy. This is what your blog addresses mainly. [Read more...]

Idea, Plan and Action – The Necessary Trio

lightsAn idea until executed would not show its true results. It remains just what it is  – an idea.

An idea is easy to think about. In fact they come in plethora. But most of them lie unused in cells of our brain.

You might see a market and you may think about a product but untill you research and build, it remains futile.

The word action has many definitions in the dictionary. Here are the two that I find relevant to this discussion [Read more...]

Come On! Its Not War Out There

warLately the trends in internet marketing have become very aggressive. Yes! It is true that internet marketing has been very competitive from very beginning and people have been crying from top of their voice to grab attention.

But the situation seems to be like war now. Or at least people are made to believe that.

Just have a look at these titles [Read more...]

Training Yourself Enough – Successful Business Is Never Instant

trainingWe need to learn the tasks that we need to perform. As small children we learnt alphabets, their shapes and sounds. Next we learnt how to make words out of these alphabets. We learnt a lot of spellings.

It was quite hard in the beginning. Everybody struggles, some children more some less. It took years to become proficient in language. Still there are new additions to your vocab as you go through the per or read a book.

We needed to learn how to tie shoelaces. When we did not remember,  somebody was there to guide us, to reinforce the new skill. [Read more...]

Link Building Strategies Revisted

link-buildingLink building is an important aspect of your search engine marketing. More links you have better your website is in eyes of search engines. Link building is a slow but quite rewarding process. Link building secret is to create natural looking authoritative links from trusted websites.

Here are few tips that can navigate you in your link building project.

Link Directories

Directory submission is the easiest thing to do to build links. There are paid and free link directories available. Here is a good list with relevant information on directories [Read more...]

What Is A Swipe File and How It Can Help Your Business

collectionThe word “Swipe” has two meanings listed in dictionary

  1. A sweeping stroke or blow
  2. Make off with belongings of others

It is the second meaning that has given rise to what a swipe file means.

Wikipedia defines a swipe file as a collection of tested and proven ads and sales letters. It further says  that keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects. [Read more...]