Got Issues With Adsense-Now Track Them

Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense is improving its Adsense features. There are many new features that have been introduced in the past that have enabled publishers to get greater control over the ads.

There are issues with Adsense. Lower clickthrough reporting was the latest to affect the publishers. I myself had witnessed about 50 percent decrease in the clicks. Google says that issue is resolved now.

There is a another good news… [Read more…]

Make Every page On Your Site A Landing Page

Converting visitors into customers or subscribers is the prime goal of your site. If your site is not doing this function you are leaving big money on the table and underutilzing your site’s potential.

It has been found that only a percentage of marketers use there site efficiently for conversion. A majority of marketers overlook their site’s potential for conversion.

Most of the marketers create one or two Landing Pages for visitor conversion.

However, you must modify your other pages so that they also are geared towards conversion. There are simple things that you can do which can help you to increase your conversion. [Read more…]

Google Adsense Introduces Custom Search For Adsense For Search

Google Adsense has introduced Custom Search for Adsense For Search.

Custom search allows advance customization to improve the accuracy of search results and tailor than to what users are looking for. Integration of Custom Search into adsense for search empowers you to take advantage of the following features: [Read more…]

Get Yourself Referred For Free

We recently talked about word of mouth recommendations and their effect on your business. You can aid people to spread their recommendations. People are always ready to recommend to others if they find your product or service of value.

    You can aid in and encourage people by

    • Providing a channel of communication
    • Give Call For Action
    • By encouraging them by some kind of incentive [Read more…]

    Getting Word of Mouth Work For You-Free,Fast and Massive Publicity

    In my early childhood I used to live in Thali- a small village in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The village was so small that you could count number of people living there. Everybody knew everybody. There were fixed job profiles of villagers. You knew who to call. The downside was that you had to put up with whatever was available because there were no choices.

    I still remember the plumber whose services were so poor that nobody liked him. But he was plumber. His family had been doing this for generations. There was no one else for that job. That man would always come late, do his work half heartedly and never bother to check post-job whether it was working fine.

    Competition was a word that wasa not heard by anyone. Marketing was not required.

    Few years later we chose to move to a small town caller Tarapur. [Read more…]

    Eminence Versus Evidence-Learning Online Business Truths From Medicine

    In early days of medicine, the medicine was strictly passed from teacher to students. There were teachers who were known for their knowledge and there were pupils who were known by the name of their teachers.

    Secrets were passed from one teacher to next pupil and those who did not have the privilege to be the student would remain devoid of those secrets, the fine things that made that teacher a teacher.

    And teachers guarded their secrets well and taught only to whom they please, a manner which I would term as unscientific. [Read more…]

    Too Many Links Would Diliute Your Revenue….

    Unless you have traffic to support them!

    Website is like a virtual land. You can use its portions to earn revenue. You can use it put banner ads, text links and affiliate links that would bring money.

    It is a common thinking that more the links you place on your virtual land, higher would be your revenue.

    But if you have an average traffic then this would prove counterproductive. [Read more…]

    Create A Daily Checklist For Better Accomplishment

    As an internet marketer your work alone, especially in early part of your business. When you work alone, you need to do everything yourself. Your work profile varies from reading and answering emails to creating and publishing your new articles reports, launching new products.

    The there new things to learn. Naturally most of new entrepreneurs work on adhoc basis. I used to this way I would do things which were absolutely necessary for the day and kept postponing others.

    There were things I could not do for weeks because I was never free from urgent and pressing things. [Read more…]

    SEO With Your Articles

    I firmly believe that articles must be written first for the human readers. It is the reader who is end user of the information and not the search engine. Search engine is just like a place holder for your content which it ranks the way its algorithm dictates it to do.

    But because we want our article to get exposure bring visitors to your website, it is worthwhile to include search engine angle too. If we could maintain user and search engine balance we have maximized the usability of the articles.

    To get maximum SEO benefit the article should include following tasks and activities during and after creation. [Read more…]