Search Engine Marketing-Finding Keywords Relevant To your Website

A keyword is the word or search term that a user enters in search engine box. When a user enters a keyword into a search engine, the engine runs through the billions of pages in the database and lists the pages in order of relevancy with starting from the one that is most relevant for keyword.

Therefore, in order to make your website appear in top pages of search listing, you need to find out keywords that are most relevant to your website. Apart from your own innovation and imagination, there are three ways to figure out your keywords. [Read more...]

Search Engine Traffic From Inktomi

Google undoubtedly form a large proportion of search engine traffic. Everybody aims for it to get traffic. But it is quite competitive and it is not easy to get a good place.While you work on good Google rankings, you should also consider other sources of search traffic for your site. These sites are MSN Search, AOL Search and Hotbot and Yahoo Search. [Read more...]

Working of A Search Engine

Search Engines per definition are information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system.

There are many types of search engines but we would limit our discussion to web search engines which search for information on world wide web.

Search engines were begin with an idea to ease the information finding on the internet. No body had an idea at that time the way it will turn internet business. [Read more...]

Incoming search terms:

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Using Forums-Understanding Forum Etiquettes

A [tag-tec]forum[/tag-tec] is a community with its own set of rule and guidelines. Guidelines of forum generally vary from forum to forum but many things are common to all forums over the web.

A forum user is expected to maintain a set of behaviors for using a forum. Every net users should know these behaviors.

When you look at these etiquettes closely, you will find that everything is an extension of good human behaviors that we expect from each other in real life.
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