Search Engine Traffic From Inktomi

Google undoubtedly form a large proportion of search engine traffic. Everybody aims for it to get traffic. But it is quite competitive and it is not easy to get a good place.While you work on good Google rankings, you should also consider other sources of search traffic for your site. These sites … [Read more...]

Yahooing Your Business

Yahoo! is number one in Alexa traffic rankings. That means it is most visited website on the internet. About 27 percent of total internet users visit Yahoo everyday. Google's share of visitors is 25% and it ranks second in Alexa ranking at the moment. … [Read more...]

Understanding Google For Business Results

It is a fact that most of internet users turn to [tag-tec]Google search engine [/tag-tec]when they want to know about something. At this time Google rules search engine marketing. It makes the rules and people follow. If your site shows in top sites in Google for a particular keyword, that means a … [Read more...]

Search Engines-A Look Into Top Guns

As a marketer you must be concerned about getting traffic from every possible source. It is a common mistake to stick to one search engine for traffic because different people have different browsing habits. Today we will discuss the topmost search engines which can provide you with traffic. … [Read more...]

Working of A Search Engine

Search Engines per definition are information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system. There are many types of search engines but we would limit our discussion to web search engines which search for information on world wide web. Search engines were begin … [Read more...]